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Model Spleen Muscles 3X life size Flexible Vertebral Column Pathological Model of Esophagus Endocrine Ear Life Size Human Muscular Skeleton (hanging) Colon Diseases Pathological Model of the Human Liver Male Skeletal Pelvis half 3.5X life size Skin Section Model Bones of the Foot 2 part Human Brain Anatomy Model Giant Brain Model 8 part Female Pelvis - 3 Parts Shoulder Joint Model Giant Brain Anatomy Model Respiratory Organs Model Animal Cell Model Skull with Blood Vessels - 3 Parts Sensory-Motor Half Brain Model Thrifty Skull with 8-Part Brain Model 2x life size Gastric Diseases Model Ovary Structure Model Pregnancy Pelvis with Mature Fetus - 2 Parts Human Kidney with Adrenal Gland Anatomy Model Budget Brain with Arteries Model Human Respiratory System with Magnified Alveolus Frog Dissection Model Flexible Vertebral Column with Femur Heads 9 part Anatomical Chart Stomach and Associated Organs of the Upper Abdomen - 6 Parts Anatomical Male Urinary Bladder with Prostate - 2 Parts Brain Model Hyoid Bone Model Brain Anatomy Median Section of Male and Femal Urinary Tracts Pancreas Chart & Charts Human Heart - 4 Parts Bones of the Hand and Forearm
Home  »  Human Digestive Anatomy System » Indirect Inguinal Hernia
Product Name: Indirect Inguinal Hernia
Product Code: HDS20100012
Description: Indirect Inguinal Hernia : This 1/2 life size model shows the medial and sagittal section of the male human pelvis with an indirect inguinal hernia.
Indirect Inguinal Hernia
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